We do it better!

At Rocky Mountain Adventures Company we pride ourselves in making your experience in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas a great one. There is so much to do. We provide the ability to rent, buy, sell used ATVs, SxSs, Waverunners and other fun toys that we may have on hand.

One goal we have is to make your fun affordable with well maintained equipment.

If you love what you rent you can buy it. We will give you half your rental fees back to apply to the cost of purchasing that machine.

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Why are you so affordable?

We offer used late to earlier models on our machines. We are always on the lookout to purchase machines from others that have no use for them any longer. We use the same mechanic to throughly vet and fix if needed any issues with the equipment when we purchase them. Along with that EVERYTHING is for sell. If you L ook in the "BUY FROM CURRENT INVENTORY" section each machine we rent is listed with a price. You may buy now or make an offer!

Do you have trailers for rent?

Absolutely! We have many options of trailers to rent. We can rent one that will fit the rental of your selection and the capability of your car. Trailers are $50 per day!